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Whanganui District Council’s proposed 2017/18 Annual Plan

Whanganui District Council’s proposed 2017/18 Annual Plan  is now open for community feedback.

This year we are proposing six key changes from the 10-Year Plan 2015-2025, which are:

  • To financially support the velodrome roofing
  • A proposed pedestrian crossing on Taupo Quay
  • Installing a shell rock footpath along Springvale Road
  • Repairing lower Whanganui River infrastructure
  • Begin to implement the town centre regeneration strategy
  • A $50 charge for those not connected to the wastewater scheme

The consultation period is open from 10 April to 10 May 2016. Hearings will be held on May 16 and 17.

The Consultation Document, along with supporting information, can be found on our Annual Plan page.

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One thought on “Whanganui District Council’s proposed 2017/18 Annual Plan

  1. I read with disgust the proposal to raise the rents in the pension flats. This is appalling, I have been thrown quickly into old age, retiring to take care of a husband who worked all his life in this city as did I, born & bred with no perks in life, retired for me 5 weeks & husband had a stroke. I have learnt very quickly how marginalised old age is, costs are on going. We own our house but it will have to go sometime to repay the sons who have been marvellous.
    I have never contributed to Sargent Gallery as it should be pulled down & rebuilt to take in the views of mountains etc & be multi use, will be another drain on finances. Bet the money will be found for that. You have counsellors who I never voted for (should of long retired!) that are double dipping for salary with pension, how the hell can they sit there & justify this. Give some of the money needed from the gallery/velodrome etc budget, its the oldies like us who have supported Wanganui & not “left town” as many have.
    Its like the hospital I worked for, I said to the boss lady, applicants for jobs shouldn’t apply if they don’t like dealing with old folks, that’s what Wanganui is. $20 raise for these old flats is appalling.



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