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Trading in Public Places and Streets

 Street trading, such as food stalls, markets, outdoor dining, buskers and street performers add vibrancy and character to our public places, and make services more easily accessible.

The Council is currently reviewing the way we manage these activities to ensure that it works for everyone.


If you would like to give your feedback about how we manage activities in public places, please share your feedback via the Trading in Public Places & Streets survey.


Feedback closes Sunday 12 March 2017

Image courtesy of New Zealand Masters Games 

Joe Salmon

8 thoughts on “Trading in Public Places and Streets

  1. Great initiative!, The conduct of this should be streamlined, say getting users etc to register on a central database to ensure compliance with food safety or applicable legislation is met if required, then a booking or ballot system for available ‘trading’ spaces around the city

  2. We certainly need ‘something’ to bring people into Victoria Ave. If this works then I’m all for it. It seems the ‘new’ shopping areas are away from ‘the ave’ so this may help reverse the situation – hopefully.

  3. Markets on a Sunday instead of Saturday would attract a larger clientele because a lot of potential customers are – retailers, parents of kids with sport, and many other Saturday workers. I personally have never been to the markets as I work Saturdays. The majority of people have Sunday off work.
    The markets also draw people away from mainstreet on Saturday mornings when most shops are open, not so many on a Sunday.
    The markets are a great thing for the city, just think it would be better for all on Sunday.

  4. The argument for some of this trading out of a caravan or truck is that the local businesses that have invested significant money and pay leases and rates and insurance end up competing with these lower budget businesses, its could to see we have some colour in the middle of town, food and coffee as long as they are paying a fair price which does not put them at a huge advantage over other businesses paying upwards of $2500.00 a month in lease costs.

    Buskers, Outdoor Dining this is different this adds significant opportunities to established businesses to offer other services in the main street and enhance their business for the public.

  5. The sat markets prove that small operators working collectively are a huge attraction offering diversity and vibrancy to our shopping precinct. What they add to regular retail is community. There is a great deal of opportunity to translate this up the Ave. Change the regs a vend allow more than 4 food vans. And rather than being spread out they should be huddled say at Majestic square. (Those radio this may not realism that commercial vendors are not meant to be IN the square and that there are 19 official sites spread around the main street.
    Only one complaint. How is it that long those food trucks turn up once a month are all out of towners. Support your locals.

    1. Kids do that sort of thing though. Especially kids who are more oriented toward books and ideas than they are human beings. At least th7a1#82&t;s probably why I did that. I can’t speak for you.

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