Earthquake Prone Buildings – Priority Thoroughfares and Routes

Council is consulting on which roads, footpaths and thoroughfares within our District should be identified as priority areas. The purpose of this is to manage the risks our District faces in the event of an earthquake, by ensuring that we prioritise the strengthening of buildings…

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Speed limit review

We are reviewing the speed limits on Castlecliff Beach and Rapanui & Francis Roads and would like to know your views on the following possible changes: Castlecliff Beach (North Mole to southern bank of Mowhanau Stream) and Castlecliff Reserve – to reduce the speed limit from …

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Proposed Signage Policy 2018

We are reviewing the rules for signs within public places and would like to know your views on possible changes to: require local election signs to comply with the same rules as national election signs; utilise existing national legislation to manage the content of signs; reduce …

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Signage in public places

We are currently reviewing how signage rules for public places are currently working and are seeking your feedback. Whanganui District Council manages certain types of signs including temporary event, community, real estate, trailer and footpath signs through its Signage Bylaw. T…

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Te Kaunihera-ā-Rohe o Whanganui Pūnaha Pōti mō te Pōtihanga Rangatōpū ā-Rohe o 2019

  Kei te hiahia mātou ki te whakarongo ki ngā whakahoki kōrero āu mō te pōtihanga ka tū mai a te tau 2019 mo ngā tōrangapū-ā-rohe. Ko tēwhea o ngā pūnaha pōti ka ngākaunuitia e koe. E rua ngā kōwhiringa nei 1. Ko te Tuathi ka Hipa i te Pou (THP) 2. Ko te Pōti […]