Smokefree Whanganui 2017

The Council has decided to review its Smokefree Auahi Kore Outdoor Areas Policy 2014 and Smokefree Bylaw 2010.

The goals of the policy and bylaw are to provide smokefree public areas that everyone can enjoy and to support the Government’s goal to reduce the number of smokers in New Zealand to 5% or below by 2025.

Looking at the graph below, we are definitely above the national stats for regular smokers.

smoking graph

More recent data shows in 2016, 19.3% of Whanganui’s population identified themselves as regular smokers.

It’s now time for you to tell us what you want when it comes to smoking in the district. Whether you smoke or don’t smoke, or are mystified by this GIF of a kitten in a smoking haze, give us your feedback!

You can provide feedback to Council by completing the Smokefree Whanganui 2017 survey (five minutes of your time to give us your thoughts on a smokefree/non-smokefree district) and/or provide comments below.

The survey closes on Wednesday, March 1 2017.

Want to quit?

The Whanganui Regional Health Network offers a free service to help our community become smokefree at the following clinics in Whanganui:

  • The Quit Clinic: 49 Ingestre Street, 0800 200 249
  • Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority: 57 Campbell Street, 349 0007

Free services include consultations and follow-up appointments, nicotine patches, lozenges and gum, carbon monoxide tests, quit books and calendars, information, advice and support on becoming smokefree.

Other useful websites:


Joe Salmon

6 thoughts on “Smokefree Whanganui 2017

  1. Well if you wanted to have a smokefree whanganui. Tell all fo the Whanganui District Council members that smoke out the front opposite the grand during smoko time to either stop because it looks disgusting, or use their designated smoking area at the back of the council, away from the community. Its such a bad look!

    1. leave them alone, next they will be told no eating if the council should in future get into the obesity issue. there just guys doing something thats not illegal perhaps we should stop the council from banning a legal product actually i hear theres a product thats called grass thats illegal but i hear people still use it .all that happens is it goes to a place that we dont see it .this raises the question is it the smoking of a legal product in public for health reasons or is it the look in a few pples eyes

  2. Stop the council workers from smoking outside the corner of Guyton and St Hill street before you put your name to a smoke-free Whanganui please. They make the community look like a disgrace and it is very untidy and unethical with such an invalid campaign. Its as though council have a social smokers club that meets up from 10 – 10:30 every morning Monday – Friday. It is very unprofessional and paints a picture that Whanganui Council do nothing but smoke and drink coffee while gossiping.

  3. Forget the small amount of smoke exhaled and conveniently ‘cleaned’ by an individuals lungs IN AND around wanganui,residential chimneys pour out a vast array of toxic chemicals from solid fuel burners and responsible for 300 odd NZ deaths a year and numerous onset of various serious health issues to the elderly and babies alike,and if you are unfortunate to live next door to 2 such polluters it could be likened to having 500 smokers sitting on your property all puffing away. Hypocrisy, smoke free? Well of course it’s not smoke free but because the lovely cosy family woodburner or open fire is a centre of secure family life turning a blind eye to the pollution is the order of the day!

    1. i hear there is a MAJOR smoking gun called CARS lets ban them.
      the number of pple that die from petrol /diesel poisons is i would think is a lot higher than cigarette smoke
      i wonder if we shouldn’t start a petion to the council about workers /mayoral/councilor cars /trucks cars

      so yes MARTY we have a focus on the easiest pple not a worst

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