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Significance and Engagement Policy

The Whanganui District Council is in the process of reviewing our Significance and Engagement Policy and wants you to share your thoughts.

You can think of the Significance and Engagement Policy as the playbook for how the Council engages with our community based on the significance or importance of an issue, proposal, or matter. Once the Council determines how significant an issue is, it can tailor engagement techniques to ensure communities are involved in the decision-making process.

It is important that the Council has this policy because if a decision is considered significant, Council is required by legislation to take special steps to make sure that the community are engaged with. The policy also lets the community know when they can be expect to be consulted with and to what level of engagement this might be.

The current policy is presented below and covers:

  • criteria to determine significance
  • at what level the community can expect to be engaged with, based on significance
  • how the Council engages with our Iwi partners
  • the Council’s strategic assets
  • the Council’s engagement techniques


We’ve put together a few questions (5-10 minutes max) asking for your feedback to assist us in our review of this policy.

Click the link and start talking to the Council about how you would like to be engaged with.

Feel free to leave a comment below.

Feedback closes Sunday 1 October 2017


Here’s what you’ve been telling us.

Preliminary results

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