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Let’s make a top 5 places to visit list!

The topic of the discussion here in the Whanganui District Council office at the moment is:

“Where do we take our relatives/friends/parents while they are visiting Whanganui over the holidays?”

We are tossing around different cafes, restaurants, walking routes and more…

But the question we really want to find out is what are the things which are unique to our district which our obliging visitors will remember when they return to the place they call home?

Let’s come together on this one and put forward our ideas as local experts to create a top 5 places list to visit that say “Whanganui”.

A place to eat, experience art, bask in the ambience of our friendly district….let’s make a guide for all us local chauffeurs.

Drop your favourite places, things to do, or hidden gems below, or better yet, give us your thoughts via this survey. If you have an image, video, poem or anything that says #Whanganui = All I need, please provide these through the survey link.

WDC Administrator

3 thoughts on “Let’s make a top 5 places to visit list!

  1. Virginia Lake Reserve including the Winter Gardens.
    Bason Botanic Gardens
    The Market
    Mowhanau Beach
    Walk along the riverfront.


  2. River area, particularly for the Markets
    Mainstreet, including Majestic Square food carts and cafes
    Queens Park ( incl. Sarjeant on the Quay at the moment)
    Castlecliff now that they have a cafe!
    NZ Glassworks


  3. Drews Avenue – Article and the heritage buildings going up the hill
    Virginia Lake for walks and runs
    Queens Park
    The riverbank walkway near the Whanganui City Bridge
    Gonville – suburb of champions and the name of Nick Bollinger’s upcoming book on NZ music



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