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Whanganui District Council administers an annual Community Contracts funding scheme to support organisations and volunteers who serve our community through the delivery of services which have a positive impact on the Whanganui District.

The objectives for Community Contracts funding is to:
• Encourage and support local community services, activities and events
• Support not-for-profit community organisations which have a positive impact on the community
• Recognise, support and enhance volunteer effort in the community
• Recognise, support and enhance community diversity and aspirations

Previous funding has enabled community organisations to continue to operate and provide a services to that may be impaired without the funding. There are a number of organisations that rely solely on Community Contracts grants funding to run their operations, activity or project and there are others that require the funding to top up their current funding to enable them to provide a comprehensive service to the community.

We are currently reviewing the Community Contract guidelines to increase awareness of this scheme and encourage community organisations to apply. We would like to hear your thoughts. You can provide your feedback in the survey form or alternatively leave a comment below.

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Lauren Tamehana, Manager Safer Whanganui, is currently listening and oversees the Community Grant application process. You can get in direct contact with her @

Engagement closes Friday 21 September 2018

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