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Draft Pukenamu/Queen’s Park Reserve Management Plan

A Draft Reserve Management Plan has been prepared for Pukenamu/Queen’s Park, taking into account initial community and stakeholder input.

The plan will guide the management of the reserve for the next 10 years and outlines Council’s general intentions for the use, development, maintenance, protection and preservation of Pukenamu/Queens Park.

Queens Park Reserve Management Plan

Head on over to the Council website and have your say on this plan and view additional information.

Carolyn McIntyre, Policy Planner here at Council is currently listening so feel free to drop a comment down below. Alternatively you can call 349 3071 or email carolyn.mcintyre@whanganui.govt.nz

Public consultation closed Friday, 25 May 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Draft Pukenamu/Queen’s Park Reserve Management Plan

  1. Good afternoon I have just come home from Hospital so late in putting in my submission on Queens Park.
    I agree with the key objectives,plus the change of Reserve purpose.
    The addition of the word “Pukenamu” is accepable as it ties in with other parks etc ie Virgina Lake.People will still it Queens Park.
    The only area of concern is the 2 way road at the front door of the Sargent Art Gallery.This area becomes very congested with cars parked on either side of the street—-or Im studing the plan too closely?


    1. Kia ora Ailsa. Thank you for your feedback on the Draft Management Plan. You are reading the plan right in regard to the road becoming two way in front of the Sarjeant Gallery. The current road that runs behind the Gallery will be removed to make way for the Gallery extension. In order to allow for two way traffic the road will be widened in front of the Gallery and a few of the existing car parks here will also be removed to ensure there is sufficient room for two way traffic. I hope this answers your concerns.



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