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Climate Change

Share your Climate Change ideas

Whanganui District Council is seeking ideas from the community on how we can become a resilient district in the face of climate change. The ideas we gather will be carefully considered, and are likely to be used to develop a proposed climate change strategy.

If you’d like to contribute to the online forum here on the Viewpoint Whanganui website, please write your thoughts in the ‘Reply’ box below. People will be able to view your comment and respond to it when they visit this website, but your email address will not be visible.

The Council would like your opinion on these topics:

  • What could Whanganui households do differently to reduce their contribution to climate change? How could the Council encourage and support households to make changes?
  • What could Whanganui businesses and organisations do differently to reduce their contribution to climate change? How could the Council encourage and support businesses and organisations to make changes?
  • What could the Whanganui district as a whole do to adjust to climate change? How could the Council assist with this?
  • What are the opportunities for Whanganui to become a more united and prosperous district as a result of climate change? How could the Council support this?
  • Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to make that could help the Council draft its climate change strategy?

If you’d prefer to contribute ideas in another way, there are a range of options:

  • Take an online survey at www.whanganui.govt.nz/haveyoursay
  • Email policysubmissions@whanganui.govt.nz
  • Fill in a feedback form (available from the Council at 101 Guyton Street)
  • Post feedback into one of the Council’s suggestion boxes at libraries and other locations around the city
  • Attend a public meeting – keep an eye on the Council website and Facebook page for dates and venues.

See our Climate Change Discussion Document  for more information.

[Link to discussion document]

WDC Administrator

One thought on “Climate Change

  1. 1. Kerbside recycling for all households would help to avoid unlawful dumping of rubbish. From memory this was something that many people wanted to happen.
    2. Better bus service to help reduce the use of private vehicles. Our current bus service is a bit of a hit and miss … the times are not practical for many people to get to work, e.g. If I start work at 8 there is no 7.30 bus leaving from Castlecliff to enable me to get there or if I do a later start and finish at 5.30 there is no bus home.
    3. Street sweepers … I honestly have no idea if these are still even working. Haven’t seen one in our area for many many months and the last time we had heavy rain we had drains and gutters overflowing with quite a good sized lake going across the road. The council just stuck on a cone in place. Street sweepers are important to collect rubbish etc that has a negative impact on the environment.
    4. Solar panels for council owned buildings
    5. Fix our hard water issue. Hard water destroys appliances which in turn creates more appliances going to the dump plus impacts on the efficiency of said appliances = more pollution.
    6. Dredge the river … help to prevent flooding
    7. Plant more trees
    I have no idea if any of these ideas are already in the pipeline



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