What is Viewpoint Whanganui?

Viewpoint Whanganui is an online community hub where residents, visitors, and anyone who is passionate about Whanganui can have their say about issues important to the district.

Why Viewpoint Whanganui?

Viewpoint Whanganui provides a virtual space where residents and visitors alike can engage with issues important to Whanganui outside of Whanganui District Council’s formal consultations.

What will be discussed?

Topics available for discussion will include current and future issues impacting the Whanganui community, including activities undertaken by Whanganui District Council.

Topics will be available for discussion each month.

How do I engage with Viewpoint Whanganui?

Easy! Viewpoint Whanganui currently allows people to take quick polls, short surveys, and participate in general discussions within the comments section. If you would only like to complete a survey or a quick poll, by all means feel free to do so.

You’re welcome to leave a general comment so that members of your community can perhaps hear a different perspective or start a discussion in the comments section.

What happens to my feedback?

As well as the benefit of sharing your ideas with others in the community, your feedback will assist Council in the development and review of its current and future services.


All feedback provided will in no way be connected to individual personal details as this information will be treated and stored confidentially.


We are delighted to host a virtual space to allow residents and visitors of Whanganui to help shape this beautiful place. We encourage freedom of speech, but as this site is moderated, we will remove any hurtful or obscene posts. We welcome you to engage with this site and each other.