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A Safer Whanganui

Safer Whanganui is creating a strategic plan to provide a blueprint to increasing safety over the next 10 years. We want your ideas about how we can make Whanganui District safer.

Safer Whanganui is a coalition of agencies and groups, led by the Council, working together to promote community safety and to reduce harm in the Whanganui District.

Safer Whanganui was set up to provide leadership and direction to achieve a safer community with a focus on injury prevention and community safety. This requires strong collaboration between committed agencies targeting key contributing factors to bring about positive long term change.

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More information about Safer Whanganui

A Community Needs Assessment was conducted between August 2016 and May 2017 to help guide and evaluate future activities and priorities of Safer Whanganui. The Needs Assessment forms part of the background work of the Safer Whanganui’s Strategic Plan development. You can find key findings below.
Safer Whanganui Key Findings

Community Needs Assessment 2​​017 summary report

Community Needs Assessment 2​​017 full report

Tell us down below what you think Safer Whanganui should be striving towards over the next 10 years to continue to keep our district safe by answering the following three questions.  You can also provide your thoughts via Safer Whanganui – the next 10 years.

Here’s the questions:

Question 1: From your own experience what are the three key outcomes/results Safer Whanganui should focus on over the next 10 years? (If you have read the results from the Safer Whanganui Community Needs Assessment 2017 you might want to consider this in your response).

Question 2: What do you believe are some of the key issues or gaps in the community around safety and harm in Whanganui?

Question 3: What are three key things you believe Safer Whanganui could do to improve safety and reduce harm in Whanganui?

Please give us your feedback by 1 December 2017

WDC Administrator

3 thoughts on “A Safer Whanganui

  1. Keep the cars away from springvale park by the bp. Ever pulled out of there unable to see because everyone is a cardealer these days and park up blocking vision to both lanes of traffic? Not to mention scool students darting between the cars …


    1. Yes, completely agree!
      Especially on the BP side of the road, it’s getting increasingly hazardous driving out of BP because of the cars piling up and blocking vision – causing you to pull out half way into the road to see if there’s any traffic!
      Maybe some yellow no parking lines on that side of the road would go a long way to improving safety.


  2. More protection for children: What screening can be done at the community level for new people arriving in Whanganui and wanting to offer services. December 2017 Comchat from community house promoted a new mental health service. No qualifications were shown but an MLM connection was shown, the page was headed Counselling Services.



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