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​​​​​What do you think​​​ about Whanganui District Council’s Long Term Plan for 2018–2028?

Public consultation on the Long Term Plan closed Thursday, 19 April 2018. Thank-you everyone for your valuable feedback

The Whanganui District Councillors have been working on a Long Term Plan for the next decade and they want your feedback and ideas.

A Consultation Document has been prepared which sets out the important issues the Council wants to address in its plan.


We invite you to read the document and consider the options.

Head on over to the Council website and provide your feedback to help shape the Council’s direction for the next decade.

Other options to have your say

Whanganui District Councillors and staff will be providing a range of opportunities for the community to meet them and discuss the Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

Look out for our advertised events, keep an eye on our Facebook page and check this section of our website for updated information on events.

Have your say at the following events:

World Café
Red Eye Café, 83A Guyton Street, Whanganui
Monday 26 March 3:00pm – 4:00pm

A World Café involves participation in small groups, with participants moving from table to table throughout the session. Feedback from each table is invited at the end of the process.

Virtual Ward
Via Whanganui District Council Facebook page
Wednesday 4 April 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Live chat with Councillors and Council staff via Facebook. Use the comments section on our Facebook page to ask questions and we’ll respond in real time.

Whanganui River Traders Market
Saturday 7 April 9:00am – 1:00pm


Start the discussion- leave a comment

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5 thoughts on “​​​​​What do you think​​​ about Whanganui District Council’s Long Term Plan for 2018–2028?

    1. No., I am quite happy to take my recycling to Maria Place at no additional cost. For those who can’t be bothered using this excellent facility they can pay for kerbside collection but don’t impose this cost on all ratepayers.


  1. Replacement of Dublin St bridge at end of life.
    1 The two other bridge available mentioned if the bridge is not replaced may not be available should we have an event due to erosion of Bastia Hill/Durie Hill cliffs and road isolating Wanganui East.

    2 Traffic congestion is bad enough at peak times now.

    3 The replacement bridge should be designed with both sides of the Parade river traffic going under extended bridge greatly improving traffic flow.


  2. Kowhia Park relocation is not an opinion.

    A management plan is required to be drafted by community stake holder and council
    Backgrounds and Objective of the park, (theme that the park that makes it different)
    Existing maintenance on the play equipment, life expectancy of the play equipment, and it replacement policy
    Introduction of new play equipment protocols,
    Long term planning of the park.
    Users of the park, licences, etc
    How flooding is delt with . Contamination from sewerage is unacceptable.
    All manhole should have working backflow preventers.The 2017 river threatening the stop banks had water in the inside of the park inside the stop banks
    Please investigate flood gates in the stop bank to allow them to be opened when the river receded allowing most of the silt to be washed out as the water inside the stop bank drains.


  3. Queen’s Park Sargent Art Gallery Extention

    The Oak trees requiring to be removed to allow the extensions to take place should be milled and the timber used in someway in the entrance or furniture.

    Comment on new tree planting,
    Is it over the new drain running down to Bell Street.?
    Another tree is shown were the Historic Well is expected to be located.



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